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Unlock the Secret to Making Your Own Organic Sourdough Starter in Just 8 Days!


if you find yourself in one of this statement...

"I’ve never made sourdough before; it seems too complicated to start."

"Creating and maintaining a sourdough starter sounds like it takes a lot of time, which I don't have."

"I’ve heard that starters are easy to mess up and hard to keep alive."

"I worry about the commitment to feed and maintain a starter regularly."

"I’m not sure if sourdough bread is actually healthier or just a fad."

"I’m gluten-sensitive; I’ve heard sourdough is better, but I’m not convinced it will be okay for me."

"There’s so much information out there, I feel overwhelmed about where to start."

Our Free Course will :

  • demystify the process
  • with time-saving techniques
  • easy routines
  • reliable methods to ensure a strong sourdough starter

Benefits of making your own sourdough starter with our Free Course

  • Your Own Unique Starter:

Enjoy creating a starter that's one-of-a-kind, just like you, every starter is unique!

  • Ready in 8 Days:

Get your starter going in just over a week — it's simple!

  • Get to Know Your Starter:

You'll learn to read your starter’s needs like a book, making great bread easy.

  • Strong Starter, Great Bread:

Build a tough starter for bread that rises high and tastes amazing.

  • Low Effort, High Reward:

Once your starter grows up, it's a piece of cake to keep it going.

  • Feed It Less, Love It More:

Forget about feeding it all the time — we'll show you an easier way.

  • Know Your Bacteria:

Learn about the good bacteria in your starter and how to take care of them.

  • The Joy of Baking:

Picture the moment when you slide open your oven to reveal a beautifully risen, golden-brown sourdough loaf, the enticing aroma and crackling sound of perfect crust, all crafted by your own hands from scratch.

  • One Course Does It All:

After our course, you won’t need to look anywhere else to make perfect sourdough starter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in this free email sourdough course?

You'll master the art of creating a strong sourdough starter from scratch using unrefined organic flours, setting the foundation for perfect sourdough bread.

How long does the course take to complete?

The course spans over 8 days, although it may take a bit longer depending on the activity of your starter's natural bacteria, up to 14 days.

What equipment do I need to start making sourdough?

You’ll need a scale, a spoon, a 300ml jar, and certified organic flour. We provide guidance on sourcing the right flour both within and outside Australia.

Is this course suitable for beginners?

Absolutely, this course is designed to benefit even those who have never baked bread before.

Can I use gluten-free flour for this course?

This particular course is tailored for wheat flour, which is essential for creating traditional sourdough bread, however the process for making gluten free sourdough starter is very similar and you might find the course helpful.

How often will I receive course emails?

You'll receive an email every day during the course to guide you through each step.

What if I have questions during the course?

While personalized support isn't included in this free course, you can always email us at For dedicated support, consider our comprehensive Sourdough Mastery online course.

How does this course stand out from other sourdough resources?
With over a decade of experience in the field and more then 2 years of experience teaching more than 1000 students in live and online settings, we’ve refined our course based on a deep understanding of sourdough science and frequently asked questions.
Can the starter I make be used for other types of sourdough baking?
Yes, the starter is versatile and perfect for baking sourdough pizzas too and other bread varieties.
Can I fit this course into a busy schedule?
Definitely! Creating your own starter takes just a few minutes per day, making it very manageable alongside a busy lifestyle.
When will I be able to bake a loaf of bread?

You can start baking as soon as your sourdough starter is mature, which can take as little as 8 days, but sometimes up to 14 days for full maturity.

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My Mission

My mission is to Educate you on te Art of Sourdough Baking and its remarkable health benefits, fighiting gluten intolerance.

I strive to raise awareness about its gluten-intolerant friendly nature, debunking common misconceptions and empowering people with the knowledge they need to make informed choices for their well-being.

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